New Jobs For Tech Workers

Apparently (and unsurprisingly), there is no shortage of new jobs for tech workers. According to recent data, people are continuing to find reemployment despite the uncertain global economy. This is amid unsettling cutbacks and job losses.

According to ZipRecruiter research, tech professionals are among the best at finding new jobs quickly. With 79% of them doing so within three months of their termination. That’s a little under the overall average of 83%.


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New jobs for tech workers: tech job cuts

There are currently 10.3 million vacancies, which is a decrease from the previous record high. There are still, however, more openings than there is adult unemployed in the US. Which offers fresh options or challenges to employees looking for a career shift.

The opposite is conveyed to eager IT professionals who could be deterred from changing careers owing to a lack of confidence: innovation, creativity, confidence, and the appropriate skill set are some of the most crucial attributes that an employer can be looking for.

Manufacturing, transportation, and delivery were all industries where laid-off workers swiftly found new employment, suggesting that these fields are equipped to withstand economic hardship and could offer stable employment to people who have been fired from other positions.

Tech workers are “…still the most sought-after workers with the most in-demand skills,” according to Julia Pollak, chief economist at ZipRecruiter, so even though organizations like Meta, Microsoft, and Twitter have all recently experienced significant layoffs, opportunities are still very much present.


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