6 Essential Nutrients Your Body Needs

To stay healthy, there are 6 essential nutrients your body needs. Nutrition goes beyond just eating in large quantity. It also involves eating the right food in their right proportion. To keep your body fit for your every day and lifetime routines, you must consider the following nutrients in your diet.


This have been demonized as unhealthy and fattening yet it is essential for the functioning of our body.  Primarily, carbohydrates supply the body and brain with fuel after it has been broken down to glucose. This does not only supply enough energy to the body but equally helps to maintain blood sugar levels and protect muscle mass by restricting the breakdown of proteins for energy. 

6 Essential Nutrients Your Body Needs

A complex carbohydrates diet takes more time to break down. This makes you full for an extended period of time and regulates your blood sugar levels. Some foods in this category are whole grains, vegetables and fruits.


Protein diet is very important to maintain sound health. It’s functions ranges from building muscles to producing new enzymes and hormones. Having enough protein in your diet is very important. 

Proteins contain some building blocks know as amino acids and can be further broken down to peptides. There are 20 amino acids and each has its relevance. To have enough protein consumption in your diet, you should take meat, eggs, dairy, nuts and beans.


Just like carbohydrates, fats are usually dismissed as unhealthy since it is always linked with body fat. Fats is an essential nutrient for the body. It is responsible for providing energy, boosting absorption of some vitamins and protecting your organs from harm. 

Fats come in different types and some types are better than the other. Trans fat usually found in canned foods and confectionaries exposes one to the risk of heart diseases. 

On the other hand, unsaturated fats protects the heart from diseases. Healthy sources of fats are nuts, avocado, salmon, olive oil, flaxseed and nut butters.


The human body can go for a number of days without food. Research has it that some people have gone for as long as 382 days without eating under medical supervision without any adverse effects. This is not a good recommendation though but just to emphasize how important water is for the human body.

6 Essential Nutrients Your Body Needs

It is possible to go without food for a long period. Going a few days without water is very harmful to the health. A large portion of the body contains water. This contributes to 55-75% of the body mass. 

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Water is very important for waste removal, digestion, regulation of body temperature and it constitutes a larger part of the body cells. Dehydration can result in symptoms like dry skin, dizziness, tiredness, fast paced heartbeats and ultimately death if not treated.


Vitamins come in different types and each type has its benefits in the body. All these benefits contribute to the overall well being of the body. Vitamin A, as we all know, is essential for the eyes and skin. Vitamin K on the other hand is responsible for building strong bones and blood clotting. The essential vitamins needed for the body are Vitamins A, C, D, E, K and B. The best way to increase consumption of these vitamins is by eating a healthy and balanced diet with lots of vegetables and fruits. If you have a restrictive diet, you can take multivitamin to fill in the gaps.


Minerals are important to the body as vitamins. The boost the function of the body and keep it healthy. Each minerals has its specific role to the body. Iron, for instance, is responsible for producing red blood cells. Phosphorus serves as a strengthener for the teeth and bones. Magnesium, on the other hand has over 300 reactions in the body. Some of the necessary minerals for your body are sodium, iron, potassium, calcium, chloride, magnesium, phosphorus and trace minerals. These can be gotten from food. Eating healthy diets is a guarantee for the necessary minerals your body needs.


The entirety of what you eat falls under these 6 essential nutrients your body needs. Eating a balanced diet ensures your body gets all the necessary nutrients in their right proportion.


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