10  Simple Ways In Hosting Parties And Gatherings On A Budget.

hosting parties on a budget

It is essential for people to unwind and relax, parties helps to ease stress and it takes the mind off issues that may be bothering at the time.


School, office reunion, housewarming parties, birthdays, bridal showers and baby dedication, wedding parties and even burial celebrations are variants of gatherings or parties.


Parties are social events or gatherings that involve eating, drinking, music, dancing, games and also getting to meet and interact with new and old friends. 

Parties could be either formal or informal, depending on the event.


However, sticking to a budget will save you from unwanted debt that may be accrued in the process.

The goal is to host a party, and not to be in debt.

Stick with me as I show you ways to Host a party or gathering on a budget.




  1. Budget:


Easy right? Having a budget and sticking to it, is not as easy as it seems.

This is mainly because you’d want to go out of your way to please guests, and it’s okay to do this, but remember it’s a one time event and your guests may not even remember how you went all out for them.


  1. Fix That Playlist:


 This would save the cost of hiring a professional DJ. I could bet on it, that one of your friends has the right song for any event. Download party songs, or songs suitable for your event.

You could get your friend to volunteer or simply copy their playlist, with a good sound system, you are good to go.


  1. Arrange your guests list:


 How many people will your party accommodate comfortably?

What is the calibre of persons you have invited?

Are they friends, family, business associates, church members, or random persons? 

This would help you plan and organise accordingly and also ensure that you do not run into unnecessary expenses.


  1. Games:


 More games, less food, this would definitely save cost, remember, you’re on a budget. When people are busy with interesting games, they have little or no time for food, keeping  guests busy, giving them interesting activities, like swimming, board games, charades, swimming and dancing competitions and many more.


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  1. Colour-themed parties: 


This is a great way to save on refreshments for parties, especially small parties.

These types of parties come with a peck of goodies and everyone comes with their own pack of snacks, fruits or drinks that matches the colour of their outfit. 

This has to be one of the most brilliant ideas of partying on a budget.


  1. What’s on the menu: 


Picking simple, but inclusive meals would ensure you are on the right track. All inclusive meals would save cost, given that all or most allergic reactions are put into consideration when preparing these meals. Remember we want to cut down on cost and still have a good time!


  1. Location: 


Instead of picking fancy restaurants, event-centres, opt for indoor events in your home or public parks/sit outs for small parties especially. 

Instead of going out of your way to rent expensive halls, hotels, restaurants and clubs, host events in smaller locations like your house, a friend’s house or an open garden if they’re small, informal parties. This way, there’s more funds to go round other planned out activities to ensure a great party.


  1. Guest List:


 This is a way to be sure that there are no party crashers which would mean extra cost. Party crashers most times are crashers in literal sense, as they are known for disrupting and causing nuisance during events.

This means that parties should be based on invitation, except on rare occasions.


  1. Handle the cooking:


 This might not seem like a big deal, but this is one tested and trusted hack to hosting parties on a budget. Cook, bake, fry food for the event.

This way, you do not have to pay a baker or caterer for your event.

Cook what you can and leave the rest, or stick to snacks.


  1. Save Up:


This might seem irrelevant, but happens to be one of the most important.

In order to have a budget and follow strictly, You need to have the funds.

It’ll eat deep into your pockets if you just wake up one morning and decide to host a party, but if you had planned and had separate funds for the party, it would help you achieve the party of a lifetime without having to break the bank.


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Other known ways to party on a budget include: Choosing cocktails over canned, bottled drinks.

*Be creative with the lighting.

*Allow friends to volunteer, help out with bills and other things, if they offer.

*Take advantage of already made items.

*Take tons of pictures 



Parties are fun and eventually with the right planning. It is important not to outdo oneself while planning to host a party.

Partying on a budget could be tricky and hard, but with these points, your party would be a blast.

Also, be reminded to do what you can, and leave the rest.

I hope you have a great party, gathering on a budget!


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