NYSC which is an acronym for National Youth Service Corps set aside by the federal government to inculcate in Nigerian youths the spirit of selfless service to the community.

It’s a one-year mandatory service for all Nigerian graduates.

Registration for the next batch is ongoing and there are a few things you should have before going to the NYSC camp.

Things needed for NYSC camp


Statement of result or certificate:

this result shows you were once a student of the said institution, it could be a degree statement of result or an OND or HND statement of result.

Foreign-trained students are to come along with their original certificate.

Medical doctors, pharmacists, and nurses are to come with their certificates of registration with the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (NMDCN) and Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN)

Call-up letter:

this is evidence that you are a prospective corp member and not an impersonator, it contains the address of the NYSC camp you were posted to, and your call-up number.

Go with the original and photocopies, the original will be collected from you, to emphasize its importance, you will be asked to go back if you don’t have your call up later.

Please, don’t laminate it, you should print from home than in the camp because the camp will be quite expensive.

NYSC green card:

this contains information sent by your school and JAMB like your name, the course you study, date of birth, and state of origin.

It also contains details filled in by you like your clothes and shoe size

Medical fitness letter:

this is a medical document gotten from a government hospital that you are fit for the one-year service

Medical report:

this is a medical document stating that you have a certain kind of illness that will need you to constantly go for medical checks or need to be close to your family so that they can take care of you

This document is usually given to you by your medical doctor instructing them to redeploy back to your state or a state close by where you can easily get medical attention

Most people go to the camp with this letter with the aim of redeployment when they are posted to a faraway state

Passport-size photograph:

you need passport-size photographs with white backgrounds, you might need to go with 8 and above

covid 19 vaccination:

after filling in your details online for covid 19 test, you print out your covid 19 slip

Photocopies of your documents:

for every document you are taking to camp, you are to make photocopies of them because the camp officials won’t take your original documents but their photocopies.

White T-shirts and shorts:

these will be given to you in the camp bit you might not like the quality so its best you go with yours as they will be your everyday wear in camp


you need white sneakers to pair with your white shorts and T-shirts, remember that it’s your everyday wear so you need something comfortable

Cultural wear:

there will be cultural activities in camp, you will need to dress in a cultural attire, so you not look odd, go with some cultural wear

White socks:

they are needed for your shoes


your soap, body spray, cream, and all of that you use will be needed


you need enough cash, you will be doing a lot of spending ranging from charging your phones and power bank

Waist bag:

you need this to put your things like your phone, money, sunglasses, and lip balm while on the parade ground

Water can:

Carry this because you will need to drink water while on the parade ground

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