Download YouTube Videos With Your Web Browser

Do you wish to save videos without installing any apps? There are so many websites where you can simply paste the URL of the YouTube video and then choose the resolution you want to download it in. These sites shut down often because they are regularly flooded with cease & desist notices from copyright owners.

These websites also redirect you to other sites. These are sites that may or may not be completely safe and pose a threat to your computer. This is why it’s important firstly, to have top-quality antivirus softwares. And secondly, it’s why many people don’t recommend this method of downloading YouTube videos anymore.

Some sites many have used for years, like as SaveFrom, no longer operate in places like the UK or US. And even if you find a relatively ‘safe’ site that will let you download videos, there are usually still restrictions.

Normally, your limit will be downloading lower-quality 720p versions even if a video is in 1080p or 4K. And some will download just the audio (from a music video, for example).

Sometimes you’ll notice that videos download in the WebM format. You can convert these videos into MP4 – or any other format you like using Freemake and Any Video Converter. Or you can also download and install VLC, a free video player that plays just about any file.

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