Firms Aren’t Providing Cybersecurity Training

Let’s have a look into why firms aren’t providing cybersecurity training for remote employees. According to recent research, even though remote employees have access to important company data, many businesses do not train them in cybersecurity awareness.

Hornetsecurity analysis surveyed around 1,000 IT professionals working in companies of various sizes around the world. 33% of them do not offer their remote employees any form of cybersecurity awareness training.

At the same time, 74% of these remote workers have access to sensitive information. This might place their employers at significant risk of costly and reputation-destroying cyber incidents.


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Firms aren’t providing cybersecurity training: basic rescue instruction

By rating their confidence in their remote security measures as “moderate” at best, over half (43%) of IT professionals indicated in the research that IT teams are aware of the situation they are in. According to some (16%), “uncontrolled file sharing” was a frequent reason for cyber problems.

Nearly half (44%) of businesses expect to raise the proportion of employees who work remotely in the future. This means that the hazards could only rise.

The obvious solution to the issue, according to Hornetsecurity, is for organizations to increase education and training. Especially basic training, which might “substantially” enhance an organization’s cybersecurity posture.

Businesses should also build up “strong procedures” to safeguard their personnel. According to the report, the two primary causes of cybersecurity incidents were compromised endpoints (28%) and compromised credentials (28%) respectively. Furthermore, 15% of respondents reported that although “some endpoint configuration,” employees utilize their own devices for work.

When employees operate remotely, traditional controls and security measures are less effective, and more responsibility is placed on the individual. According to Daniel Hofmann, CEO of Hornetsecurity, “companies must recognize the distinct hazards connected with remote work and activate pertinent security management solutions, as well as enable employees to deal with a certain level of risk.”

“In the current environment, when fraudsters are becoming smarter and leveraging remote working to their advantage, it is especially vital to increase remote working cybersecurity measures. Attacks on smartphones have increased as hackers realize they can access both personal and business data because people can and frequently do work on personal devices.


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