Google’s New Play Store Policies

Google’s new Play Store policies for Android developers have been announced. This is in an effort to crack down on full-screen ads, VPNs, and fake apps impersonating genuine software.

Coming into effect from September 30, 2022, the Play Store will require developers to stop showing “Full-screen interstitial ads”. For example, those that show during gameplay or during an app’s loading screen. Additionally, full-screen ads that cannot be closed after 15 seconds shall be banned.

The new policy will not include rewarded ads. Ads like in-app popups that users can opt into in order to unlock in-app content will stay around.


Developer policies for the Google Play Store

The company’s FLAG SECURE function is designed to hide or restrict screenshots. It is used to forbid screen sharing and broadcasting in order to secure sensitive data. It has undergone more revisions. Apps won’t be able to design workarounds for the flagged material after November 1, 2022.

VPNs will be subject to stricter regulations starting on the same day. With limited restrictions, only dedicated VPN apps will be permitted to “establish a secure device-level tunnel to a distant server” (opens in new tab).

Additionally, access to the USE EXACT ALARM permission will be restricted to only those applications that “need precisely timed activities” (from July 31, 2022)


Fake Google Play Store applications

Among Google’s new Play Store policies is a change that is scheduled to take effect on August 31, 2022. It may be the most important to regular consumers.

We prohibit apps that deceive users by pretending to be someone else (such as another developer, business, or institution) or another app. We’ve developed guidelines that define and forbid content that is harmful or inappropriate for our users to keep Google Play a safe and respectful platform, Google said in a blog post announcing the development.

The developer name, which displays beneath the program title in the Play Store, the corporate logo, and if the name seems authentic and isn’t misleading are all things the firm advises you to double-check.

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