GWC’s Set Expo 2022

GWC’s Set Expo 2022 technology expo returns soon this year. Developers, brands, designers, and innovators come together at Set Expo to set the pace in our evolved world of technology. Exhibitors have the opportunity to show off their companies to consumers and the highest caliber investors. Hordes of the press, the most sought-after talent, and the largest pool of tech enthusiasts looking to celebrate emerging products by showcasing the next generation of technology and innovation. Internet, Mobile, AdTech, MarTech, and SaaS Technology all feature. Prepare to inspire, astound, enlighten and learn about how these rapidly emerging technologies will affect your company’s ability to grow.

Tech Expo projected crowd
GWC Set Expo is going to be huge!


GWC’s Set Expo 2022 is your chance to…

  • In a clean and intimate environment, enjoy a safe and private gathering with business people.
  • Examine exhibits of the next generation of technological and innovative breakthroughs.
  • Learn how these growing technologies will impact your business for higher growth and inspire, intrigue, and enlighten.
  • Interact with other techies, expand your network, and collaborate with others.

If a regular conference (visit Naysblog for more opportunities) provides opportunities for learning, Set Expo provides opportunities for testing, networking, and product engagement.

Attendance is limited. Register today!

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