Live Captioning For Microsoft Teams

Live captioning for Microsoft Teams is finally on the way. Slogging through Microsoft Teams in school-level foreign languages may soon be a thing of the past.

The live captioning option is a new enhancement to the video conferencing tool’s translation capabilities. Users can select any language for the captions.

Microsoft Teams customers will be able to choose live captions in the language of their choice when initiating and setting up a call, assisting them in better understanding other participants.


Live captioning for Microsoft Teams

With the update, Microsoft Teams intends to increase collaboration on calls between teams or coworkers in various regions.

The company stated that this would enable customers to engage completely in meetings. Most notably when the spoken language might not be their preferred one.

The business credited Microsoft Cognitive Service Speech Translation Capabilities for the adjustment in its entry on the official Microsoft 365 roadmap(opens in new tab). Microsoft claims that its tools provide strong and quick translation services in real-time and appear to be a component of the company’s Azure cloud platform.

Although the tool is currently labeled as being in development, its general availability date of September 2022 suggests that we won’t have to wait too long. The upgrade will be accessible to all Microsoft Teams desktop users worldwide once it is released.

The announcement is the most recent in a string of improvements for Microsoft Teams. The company is working to increase the platform’s use for users all over the world.

The most recent announcements on so-called “intelligent translation” for Microsoft Teams Mobile users fall under this category.

Users will soon be able to immediately translate messages into foreign languages, ensuring there are never any delays or errors. The service will be available to Android and iOS users.

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