Microsoft To Do And The Apple Watch

Big news involving Microsoft To Do and the Apple Watch. Microsoft has announced intentions to make one of its most well-liked productivity tools available for the Apple Watch.

In an effort to compete with Apple’s own Reminders service, Microsoft’s To Do tool will soon receive a dedicated Apple Watch app.

We’ll have to wait a while for the company’s new product. Which was listed on its roadmap at the beginning of September 2022. You may now access Microsoft To Do on your Apple Watch, according to the entry. It won’t be possible to view, add, and finish tasks using your watch until March 2023.

Apple Reminders offers a comparable service that includes the ability to browse, add, and complete reminders without having to take out your phone. It will face up against Microsoft To Do for Apple Watch.


The Apple Watch gets an update

This is not the business’s first Apple Watch application. In fact, Microsoft has already created Apple Watch versions of its Outlook, OneNote, Authenticator, and PowerPoint remote apps. Suggesting that the business is committed to making its products available on the platforms of the rival company.

The overall Tasks view is one of the numerous tabs in the iOS version of To Do. In addition, users have the option to view tasks that have been delegated to them. As well as work that has been designated as important, entries with deadlines, and a view of today.

Similar views exist in the most recent iteration of Apple Reminders, including Today, Scheduled, All, Flagged, Completed, and Assigned.

The release of watchOS 9 is anticipated to occur soon, perhaps at the upcoming Apple Far Out event. Given its major focus on topics like health, fitness, and wellness, it’s feasible that customers may demand more from their built-in Reminders app. This would put Microsoft in an excellent position to take over a portion of the market, however with a March 2023 general availability, we’re in for a long wait.

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