Pronouns For Google Workspace

There are now new pronouns for Google Workspace. As part of the collaboration tool suite’s personal information cards, users of Google Workspace may now specify their pronouns and who can see them.

Pronouns will now be displayed in Google Contacts as well, the company said in a “Weekly Recap” post on the Google Workspace Updates blog, which can be accessed by selecting the “open detailed view” option in the information cards that appear when you hover over Workspace profile images.

Users can customize their pronouns and visibility in their Google Accounts if an admin has allowed the functionality for their organization, and admins can find out more about the tool in Google’s Help Center.


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Pronouns for Google Workspace

As is occasionally the case, users of personal Google accounts cannot use Google’s most recent helpful update to its library of corporate productivity tools.

The tech giant is adamant to emphasize that only users on different Google Workspace plans, as well as archival G Suite Basic and Business clients, can access the service through their organization.

The fact that a function aimed toward personal expression is only available in a professional situation, when people could feel less free to express themselves or under pressure to do so, is confusing, despite the fact that it is a welcome feature.

Users of Workspace already have the option to indicate their gender, which has an impact on how Google refers to and represents them to other Workspace users.

Users might notice text like “send her a message,” for instance. Similar to this, Google products will refer to a user as “them” if they identify as a different gender entirely or if they choose not to specify.

Users can now post their pronouns, which is just a more overt approach to present those options and for organizations to publicly accept transgender people and other gender identities. We all support it.


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