Tap To Pay With Wix

You can now tap to pay with Wix. Wix, a website builder, has expanded its cooperation with Stripe. This is so that Wix merchants with US addresses now use Tap to Pay on iPhones.

Merchants using eCommerce, bookings, and events solutions from Wix Payments can use Tap to Pay on iPhone on supported devices.

Wix claims that the approach is a safe and reliable solution to increase the flexibility of the payment process. This was, however, implemented in its most recent effort to widen its POS capabilities.



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 Tap to pay with Wix

Without the need for additional hardware, retailers can now accept payments in-person using physical debit and credit cards. They can also use Apple Pay, and other digital wallets using an iPhone.

According to a TechRadar Pro interview with a Wix representative, consumers will be charged 2.6% of each transaction’s value plus a 0.20 USD processing fee for each transaction.

The co-heads of Wix Payments, Amit Sagiv and Volodymyr Tsukur, stated in a news release that they are always improving their solutions to assist users in effectively increasing both their online and offline sales.

“Tap to Pay on the iPhone offers retailers a dependable and secure payment alternative to expand consumer touchpoints. And to deliver innovative in-person experiences. Therefore, boosting their multichannel strategy and increasing the monetization of their offline sales in the process.”

“Our relationship with Stripe allows merchants the utmost flexibility to sell whenever and wherever they choose. Whether in-store or on-the-go, at their own leisure to never miss a transaction,” says the company.

Wix is not the only payment system that accepts Tap to Pay on iPhones; Square, Adyen, and Stripe are also supported.

According to John Affaki, Terminal Business Head at Stripe, “Tap to Pay on iPhone lets merchants accept and process contactless payments in seconds without additional hardware.

“Wix retailers can use this on iPhone anywhere knowing their consumers are utilizing iPhone to complete quick and secure payment transactions.”


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