This AI App Fixes Your Writing

AIs have been the center of attention of late, and this AI app fixes your writing for you. With DeepL’s most recent free writing tool, Write, artificial intelligence is being employed to keep an all-seeing eye over the written word.

The AI writing tool, which is positioned as a competitor to Grammarly, can rephrase words and sentences, correct spelling and grammar errors, and generally improve the clarity of your work.

The program employs “neural network technology that retains the context and nuances of the original text to deliver rephrasing ideas and alternative word options,” according to DeepL, the company that made waves with its AI-driven translation software in the beginning.


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AI app fixes your writing

The concept behind Write is to give users control over their writing. Write was originally intended to assist its multilingual user base in verifying the authenticity of its translations.

Although the company claimed that by serving up suggested adjustments across phrasing, tone, style, and word choice, writers may “retain their authentic voice” and inventiveness, this AI is essentially a clever proofreader, unlike ChatGPT’s essay-generating material.

We took Write for a little spin. There are only two text fields and a language switcher on the simple UI. German, British, and American English are all supported at launch.

The results show up on the right when text has been pasted in the left field. The recommendations are highlighted in the manner of a word processor. These in-body connections open up a few additional options as well.

Although you’ll be prompted to buy DeepL Pro after 2000 characters, the speed was fantastic. It took less than a second to examine a single sentence; a few seconds to scan a lengthy piece.

But it’s not flawless. Similar to other writing and writing improvement programs, proposed adjustments may come off as emotionless, process-driven, and flat. Human refining is typically necessary and constantly desired, just like with any AI material.


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