Wi-Fi Repeater, Booster, or Extender?

How do you know what to choose between a wi-fi repeater, booster, or extender? We’ve all been in a situation where the Wi-Fi connection at a house, whether it’s your own, a family member’s, or a friend’s, is quite poor, and one way that people try to get around this is by getting a gadget that will improve their Wi-Fi connection.

However, this raises other considerations, such as what are my options and what is the best value for money.


You can choose between a Wi-Fi repeater, booster, or extender from the options available.


What is the purpose of a Wi-Fi repeater?

A Wi-Fi repeater simply repeats the signal flowing through the line and covers a greater perimeter, extending the range of your Wi-Fi.

It’s worth noting that if you connect the Wi-Fi repeater to a single Wi-Fi, you’ll get a lower bandwidth.


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What is a Wi-Fi booster (extender)?

A Wi-Fi extender is a device that extends the range of your Wi-Fi network. There are two types of Wi-Fi extenders: wireless and wired. These are typically utilized to reach regions of your home or office where there is little to no service.

It is critical to ensure that the connection between your router and extender (booster) is strong, as otherwise your network may drop out and you may experience poor reception.


Wi-Fi repeater vs extender (booster)

While both Wi-Fi repeaters and Wi-Fi extenders (boosters) increase the range of your network, they serve different purposes. The purpose of a Wi-Fi repeater is to rebroadcast an existing network. Conversely, the purpose of a Wi-Fi extender (booster) is to connect to an existing network and create a new one.

Wi-Fi repeaters have the disadvantage of being easily interfered with by an external signal, but Wi-Fi extenders (boosters) are not impacted by interference.

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