6 Ways To Enjoy Slow Travel

6 Ways To Enjoy Slow Travel

Slow travel requires that you take your time and stay in one location longer. This can involve a lot of planning and understanding of the amenities available in that location. These are 6 Ways to enjoy slow travel and discover that slow travel is the way to go rather than faster, more regular forms of travel

Ways To Enjoy Slow Travel

6 ways to slow travel

Discover Places That Make You Happy

One important thing you must factor into your slow travel planning is discovering places that make you happy. For some people, it might be the city where they have access to some recreational areas. Others might prefer a mountain town, especially if hiking is what they love to do. If you plan to stay in a place for a while, it is necessary to choose a place you would like. Make a list of what you need in a location, then go ahead to research and find places that tick all your boxes.

Book Accomodation Ahead

The beautiful thing about slow travel is that you get to spend a lot of time in one particular place. While you might have the flexibility to moving around in a city, it is best to find an apartment to stay in. Slow travel is important for connecting with your surroundings and locals. Stay in one particular location to make it easier to become familiar with the neighborhood. Book an accommodation ahead of your trip for a month-long stay, as it is cheaper to rent on monthly basis than daily.

Get Your Own Transportation

When going on a slow trip, you will need your own means of transportation. This is important because, as you plan on staying in a place for long time, you might not take tours to see nearby locations. In the long run, you would want to be by yourself and explore all the cool places without needing anyone to always take you there.

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Depending on the location you are looking at, you might need to come along with either a car, a bike or even a bicycle for distances you would rather not cover on foot. You have more fun when you don’t have to depend on public means of transportation to get to some places. With your own ride, you can explore more places according to your schedule and time.

Save Your Weekends For Adventures

This doesn’t mean you should go on every outing or every adventure you want to go on. But simply make a list of all the things you want to do, find out more about them, and see how they can fit into your weekends. This will save you from blindly picking a tour with no idea of what to expect or what activities to do. It is best to save them for the weekends.

Join a Community

It can be a bit difficult to find a community for slow travel, particularly when traveling for longer periods. Language differences and other common happenings can make it hard to make friends. To avoid this, think of joining clubs, sports leagues, or working as a volunteer with organizations in which you are interested. Instead of just aimlessly making friends, focus on building connections through genuine, passionate interactions. This will help you bond with others and create a strong sense of community during your travels.

Discover And Stay True To Your Passion

During extended travel periods, it can be difficult to maintain motivation and sustain the fun of the experience. However, discovering a purpose aside, just changing location can help handle this feeling. This could be looking for the best café in the area or honing your windsurfing skills. Generally, having a purpose that leaves you fulfilled keeps you thrilled about the place you are staying. It can equally help you remain focused and enjoy your stay in the new location.

With the above-mentioned 6 Ways to enjoy slow travel, you are sure to have an amazing time. Chances are that you might consistently choose this over regular conventional travel.

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