CDC Update On Travel Advisories

Here’s an important CDC update on travel advisories. A country-by-country list of Covid-19 travel warnings will no longer be kept up to date.

“CDC’s capacity to appropriately analyze the Covid-19 THN [Travel Health Notice] levels for most areas that American travelers visit is limited as fewer countries are testing or reporting Covid-19 cases,” a spokesman for the organization said in a statement to CNN Travel.

Beginning on October 3, a notification will only be published for a nation if a worrying Covid-19 variation or other circumstance exists there that would alter the CDC’s travel advice.

Regardless of where they are going, the organization advised international travelers to maintain their Covid-19 vaccination status. And also adhere to CDC recommendations for international travel.

All doses from the initial vaccine series must be current in order to be considered “up-to-date.”

In January 2020, the CDC published its initial Covid-specific travel advisory for China. Each Monday, the agency has long updated its list of advisories.


CDC Update On Travel Advisories: “People must decide for themselves,”

We are in “a moment in the pandemic where folks need to make their own decisions depending on their medical circumstances as well as their risk tolerance when it comes to contracting Covid-19,”. This is according to CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Leana Wen.

The majority of people who are current on their vaccinations are well protected against becoming really ill, according to her. The CDC continues to recommend getting tested before flying back to the US. As well as avoiding travel if you are ill.

“Of course, people should get tested if they experience symptoms or exposure while traveling.”

“And if they test positive, they should adhere to the CDC’s isolation protocols,” Wen said.

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