travel tips for beginners
travel tips for beginners

Travel tips are tips that help you prepare better for your journey

A lot of people would love to travel but they don’t know what to do to ensure their safety and to ensure they have lots of fun.

Travel tips to help you


Research about the country:

research the weather to know the type of clothes to pack, research about their food to know if its something you would love to try, research about the hotel you will lodge, and check reviews to see what people are saying about them, research about the tourist sites you plan on visiting, research about the environment the hostel is located, research about their culture.

Pack all necessary things:

your atm cards, you should travel with more than one debit/credit card because one might get missing, broken, or stolen, you wouldn’t want to be stranded, some cash, your meds, clothes befitting your vacation, and footwear.

Share your destination with someone:

sometimes you feel like traveling and turning off your phone so you can enjoy yourself but it’s not the right thing to do, before you travel, share your destination with someone, the airline you will make use of, the hotels you will lodge and at every time, try to communicate to someone about your location.

Learn the basic language of the country:

language is a means of communication and most times, people are nicer to people who speak their language, learn basic words like greeting, please, thank you, where can I do this or that.
Learning language will help you know when you are in danger.

Apply for a reward travel debit card:

These credit cards help you save money as these rewards add up quickly and offer perks like free travel and free upgrade.

Be careful with your passports:

Keep them safe, have a photocopy of them but ensure you move around with a form of identity card, you are on vacation, and anything might happen that will need you to identify yourself.

Prepare your trip on time before you travel:

You must start planning your trip on time because some visas will need a long time to process.

Get medical travel insurance:

Medical insurance is important because it covers your medical bills.

Ask about recommended vaccination:

Some countries will require you to take some vaccinations, this has nothing to do with the covid 19 as most countries have been practicing this before the covid era, some drugs are prohibited in certain places and you can’t be in possession of certain drugs in certain places, ask about these.



Travel tips ensures you are safe because they help you with ideas on what you should do.

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