UAE lifts visa ban on Nigerians

President of Nigeria and President of UAE
UAE lifts travel bans on Nigerians

UAE lifts visa ban on Nigerians

UAE has lifted visa bans on Nigerians, you will recall that ten months ago, United Arab Emirates banned Nigerians from traveling to their country either for tourism or business after the Dubai Police arrested a group of Africans who were fighting and damaging properties in public places.

Earlier this year, ex-president Muhammed Buhari requested his UAE counterparts to review the visa ban imposed on Nigerians.

He admitted that some Nigerians may be violating the laws of United Arab Emirates but it wasn’t enough grounds to impose a ban.

Although the visa ban didn’t affect people holding diplomatic passports.

Despite the fact that ex president, Muhammed Buhari disclosed via a phone call that he gave instructions to the central bank of Nigeria (CBN) to increase the amount of foreign exchange allocated to the emirates airlines.

The United Arab Emirates  insisted that the travel bans on Nigerians stays.

Today, there is joy in Nigeria as the UAE lifts bans on Nigerians, This was achieved after President Bola Tinubu met with Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE president in Abu Dhabi.

This means that flight activities will resume immediately.

Nigerians are happy because it means that Christmas vacation and shopping is sure.

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