10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Nigeria (2022)

10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Nigeria (2022)

One of the most prevalent digital difficulties that Nigerian businesses encounter is finding a trustworthy digital marketing agency. Therefore, we’ll introduce you to the 10 best digital marketing agencies in Nigeria (2022) that will revolutionize the way you think about digital marketing.

Let’s get started with a list of the top 10 digital marketing agencies in Nigeria, together also with their unique features and services.


The 10 best digital marketing agencies in Nigeria (2022)

digital workspace
The digital market is taking over in 2022


Odigital is a full-service digital marketing business with extensive experience in the area, which rose to prominence in 2019, soon before the pandemic.

Over time, however, the organization has used its digital marketing expertise to promote the commercial operations of its partner brands. Odigital specializes in website development, design, management, and search engine optimization (SEO).

You can also sign up for the company’s digital marketing course to become a qualified digital marketer. Odigital is now the finest digital marketing agency in Nigeria, with a 5.0 total satisfaction rating.


  • Odigital offers online marketing services such as social media marketing and the establishment of email campaigns, among others.
  • The organization also has enough specialists to ensure that your brand’s online presence is restored.
  • Web development and maintenance: Odigital assists in the creation of professional websites from the ground up, as well as the design of logos and other graphical elements.
  • The firm then guarantees that your website is up and running by offering high-quality articles to help you establish an online presence.
  • Services for Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Odigital knows just what your website or blog needs to begin ranking in search engines.

The agency has over ten years of expertise and can provide you with the best SEO tactics.

You can contact Odigital through its official website or book a free consultation with the agency.



Pilum Digital (PiDMA)

Are you looking for a marketing agency that will help you expand your business and develop you as a professional marketer? The firm specializes in assisting individuals and organizations in establishing a long-term online presence.

It, being like Odigital, therefore offers a training session and a wealth of information on its website to assist you in getting started. PiDMA is constantly at your pleasant door, ready to assist and entertain you. All you have to do is collaborate with their agency, and you’ll be taken care of.



  • Website design and development
  • Content development and copywriting
  • Company Rebranding 400;”>SEO optimization services 400;”>Digital marketing such as SMM, video marketing, and so on
  • Consultation services for digital marketing training
  • Pilum Digital (www.pilumdigital.com)


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Digital Marketing Agency Amplify

Amplify is a fantastic digital marketing agency based in Lagos’ Ikeja neighborhood.

The firm specializes in supporting businesses in achieving their revenue objectives through the use of cutting-edge digital marketing methods.

The company has ties to a number of famous Nigerian brands and could therefore be the next big thing you need to boost your company’s revenue.



Anakle Digital Marketing Agency

Anakle specializes in employing cutting-edge technology to create highly effective digital marketing.

The firm has also worked with a variety of leading companies in Nigeria and Africa, including GTB, Adidas, Coca-Cola, and others.

Anakle’s unique approach to user experience design and technology places the firm among the best in the country.


Upwise Digital

Upwise Digital is one of Nigeria’s most sought-after digital marketing businesses for exceptional brand creation.

The agency specializes in developing marketing plans for businesses and creating websites that are well-integrated.

They are, however, dedicated to helping their clients’ businesses attain their full potential.

It was created in 2014 and had a team of ten people.



Kalu Silver Chukwuebuka formed the Global World Connection (GWC) Technology Oriented Company to conduct general business. The company currently employs more than ten people and can also communicate with clients in three languages: English, French, and Chinese.

GWC has garnered numerous important awards since its beginning in 2018 for its remarkable digital marketing services, namely:

  • Enugu’s Best Tech Agency (2021)
  • Exceptional Developer (2021)
  • Southeast’s Most Innovative Digital Services (2021)



  • website design
  • graphics design
  • Digital marketing 400;”>Software development
  • Online marketing campaigns
  • Building solid blog sites
  • Website development
  • In response, precise


Number: 09093069072, 09038102599




This firm assists in the makeover of websites and the promotion of brands by launching campaigns to pique public interest.

They also assist small businesses in growing and establishing themselves as huge corporations.

The company was created in 2017 and is based in Warri, Nigeria.



Optisoft is one of the companies on our list with the most employees.

The agency employs a total of 20 workers, allowing them to provide services quickly and accurately. It was formed in 2014 and has become the backbone of many businesses in less than a year.

“Your business plus our brains is proportional to outstanding results,” the organization believes. This belief has paid off, as evidenced by three straight years of receiving the Nigeria Technology Award.

Winner of the Nigerian Technology Award (2017)
Also Winner of the Nigerian Technology Award (2018)
And Winner of the Nigerian Technology Award (2019)



Are you looking for a multi-disciplined communication firm?

Pandora might be exactly what you’re looking for. By building websites, the agency may help its clients develop amazing joy.

Simply collaborate with them, and your company will reap the benefits.

Pandora mostly collaborates with startups and government agencies.



Are you having trouble staying motivated to grow and extend the life of your brands?

Why not contact TMA BRAND CONSULTING right away?

The agency assists brands in increasing their audience and online visibility.

TMA was founded in 2015 and currently employs roughly ten people.



  • Social Media Integration Analytics Advertising Campaigns Content Development SEO 400;”>
  • Website Design Packaging Design

That’s all there is to it! The 10 best digital marketing agencies in Nigeria (2022). Do you have any queries about the subject? Please see the section below for Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.



Because of ignorance, businesses in Nigeria have lost a lot of money by trusting the incorrect agencies. Therefore, so-called digital agencies fabricate reviews in order to promote themselves and also trick people into doing business with them.

In the end, the ignoramus enterprises are hampered by a lack of effective digital marketing methods that can also increase sales and brand exposure. That is why we have produced a list of the top 10 digital marketing agencies in Nigeria to serve as a wake-up call for all Nigerian businesses and organizations.

We, however, paid special attention to the agency that came in first after weighing a variety of parameters. If you’re still not sure, however, get a trial and change your mind about the agency.

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