Class-action Lawsuit Against Tiktok

A class-action lawsuit filed against TikTok and its precursor app,, could result in money for TikTok subscribers.

TikTok Inc. is facing a 92 million dollar lawsuit that claims the corporation “violated federal and state law by collecting and utilizing” data “in connection with their usage of the TikTok – Make Your Day video-sharing application.”

In response, TikTok has refuted the charges. They did, however, put a settlement notice in the app on Monday, directing users to


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How to File a Payment Claim for the class-action lawsuit against TikTok Settlement

To be eligible, you must have used the app before September 30, 2018, and complete a claim form by March 1, 2022. Parents can also file claims on behalf of their children.

Users in Illinois, USA, could be eligible for up to six times the payout. Fill out the appropriate forms online at or print and mail.

Claim the compensation in one of four ways: PayPayl, Venom, a virtual prepaid card, or a physical check issued by mail.


What are the timeframes for the TikTok settlement so far?

The deadline is to notify the court if you are unhappy with the settlement and want to be excluded. This means you will not receive any benefits, is January 31.

The deadline for submitting a claim and receiving payment is March 1, 2022. If you submit an authorized claim, money will come “through electronic means” unless you select another method.

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