DaVinci Resolve For iPad

DaVinci Resolve for iPad has finally made it to the App Store, which is good news for mobile video editors.

The creators of the video editing software, Blackmagic Design, announced the launch on Twitter with a statement. “DaVinci Resolve for iPad is now available! Get access to the same color grading and editing tools used in Hollywood movies on your iPad, along with Blackmagic Cloud multi-user collaboration, AI-based magic mask, voice isolation, speech leveler, and other features.

The gushing App Store description gushed, “Its attractive, modern UI is fast to use and easy for novice users, yet powerful for professionals.” The iPad edition is similarly unrestricted and free to download as its desktop equivalent. Just around $100 / £100 is the cost of the one-time premium upgrade.


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DaVinci Resolve for iPad: iPad video editing is now free

The iPad version nearly 1:1 replicates the expert desktop editor. That surpasses even what Apple Final Cut Pro can do. Although users can try Apple iMovie on iPad for a streamlined experience.

Beyond the nonexistent price tag, the potential to create Hollywood-caliber projects without a powerful video editing workstation or video editing laptop is expected to draw many content creators to the iPad’s video editing software.

The app-based editor from Blackmagic Design runs on iPad Pros with iPadOS 16 or later and an A12 Bionic CPU or later. But an M1 or M2 chip is advised to get the most out of the gadget. Additionally, the developers point out that older iPad devices might only support HD. And that memory constraints might prevent some functionalities from being used.

We were delighted by real-time color grading, and multi-track audio features in our recent demo of DaVinci Resolve for iPad. While in beta, we did, however, run into a few issues and glitches. Hopefully, these issues have been resolved.

Get DaVinci Resolve for iPad here.


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