GitHub’s Free Secret Scanning

Today’s big update is GitHub’s free secret scanning. GitHub has announced it will make its secret scanning function available to more users. This is to assist public repository administrators to find compromised secrets in their repositories before a breach occurs.

The secret scanning partner program was established. Its purpose is to alert more than 100 service providers of token exposure in public repositories. The launch is a component of this initiative.

Admins of all public repositories will now have access to the feature. Which was previously only available to enterprises with GitHub Advanced Security.


GitHub’s free secret scanning

GitHub asserts that it can scan for more than 200 token formats in a fraction of the time—327 days on average. And it has already alerted its partners to 1.7 million possible secret exposures in open-source repositories.

Beta testing has already started. GitHub expects that by the end of January 2023, all of its users will have access. The business has also provided a link to a discussion forum where consumers may ask for early access. They may also have more in-depth conversations about the product.

According to a post on the company’s blog, “Once secret scanning alerts are accessible on your repository, you can enable them in your repository’s settings under “Code security and analysis” options.”

By selecting “Secret scanning” in the side panel next to “Vulnerability alerts” on the “Security” page of your repository, you may view any secrets that have been discovered. You can click on any alert to discover the compromised secret. As well as its location, and the proposed repair step after seeing a list of all detected secrets there.


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2FA on GitHub

GitHub has also stated that it will require all users who contribute code to set up two-factor authentication (2FA) on their accounts by the end of 2023, which will have an impact on an estimated 94 million users. This announcement emphasizes the company’s commitment to security.

This obligatory verification will be announced to a restricted number of users in March 2023, giving GitHub a chance to evaluate it before pushing it out to all of its users.

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