Businesses Hoping On Cloud

Businesses hoping on Cloud as it may be the catalyst for net zero. Cloud computing may hold the key—or one of many keys—to success in the decarbonization initiatives that businesses and business executives are managing to achieve net zero in Europe by 2050, according to a recent AWS-sponsored survey.

96% of the 4,000 businesses surveyed for the study in the UK, France, Germany, and Spain had set goals for reducing their emissions. A

The majority of corporate leaders—roughly three-quarters—believe that technologies like cloud hosting will hasten their path to net zero by at least two years, enabling them to reach their goal by 2048 at the latest.


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Businesses hoping on Cloud: decarbonization of Cloud

In light of this, 20% of respondents said they lack the necessary technology to reach their net zero objectives, and a fifth had not yet “gone cloud-first”. The impact of increased costs and global economic unpredictability was one of many challenges preventing enterprises from progressing.

Despite the difficulties, 75% of corporate executives are confident in their capacity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In sharp contrast, just one out of ten companies assess emissions scope 3, which is concerned with indirect emissions that take place along the company’s value chain. The companies in issue measured scopes 1 (direct emissions from owned or controlled sources) and 2 by just over half of the companies (indirect emissions from electricity, heating, cooling, and so on).

Business executives who have already used cloud services believe they are more effective at reducing carbon emissions, according to Chris Wellise, AWS Director of Sustainability.

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