Microsoft Teams Makes A Big Change

Important news for companies as Microsoft Teams makes a big change. Microsoft Teams should soon be free of one of the most annoying minor bugs thanks to a recent upgrade.

Users of the video conferencing service have long had this option. To “raise their hands” during a call if they want to add something to the dialogue without disrupting the speaker.

On a Microsoft Teams call, “Raised Hands” will stay raised until the end of the meeting if they are not appropriately addressed. Which might be a nightmare for those trying to keep track of who spoke when and who is still waiting their turn.


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Microsoft Teams makes a big change: rise up, Microsoft Teams!

Fortunately, Microsoft Teams is working on a new feature that will automatically lower a user’s raised hand once they have spoken. So those of us who want our meetings to be structured may now relax.

Once Teams notices users have spoken during meetings, the application will advise them to lower their hands.

After a certain amount of time, Teams will automatically drop the user’s hand if they don’t respond. If they have a follow-up question, they can decide to keep their hand up.

The change, according to Microsoft, will reduce the amount of “stale” raised hands in meetings. And “should provide smoother meeting facilitation for organizers and presenters.” The company wrote this in an update to the official Microsoft 365 roadmap.

Users won’t have to wait too long because the upgrade is currently still marked as “in progress”. It has a March 2023 planned availability date. When it is first made accessible, both Windows and Mac desktop users will be able to use the feature.

The information may be especially helpful for those on calls with many participants, especially in light of Microsoft Teams’ recent announcement that it is working on an “Interactive Large Gallery” enhancement that will allow users to view up to 49 video participants at once.

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