Google And VMware Cloud Partnership

Big news as we learn about a new Google and VMware Cloud partnership. With some possibly unexpected new alliances, Google Cloud appears to be expanding its range of collaborations. And maybe luring more customers who are also loyal to other businesses.

Customers of Google Cloud Engine are no longer compelled to use the open-source KVM hypervisor. Instead, they can choose to utilize VMWare ESXi as their underlying hypervisor. This is according to a post on the Google Open Source Blog.

In order to save administrative and storage costs, Google says new users can “move [their] VMware-based disaster recovery. And can backup workloads to Google Cloud while using the same tools, processes, and rules that [they] use on-premises.”


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Google and VMware Cloud partnership

Its “important partners,” Zerto, Dell, Veeam, Cohesity, and NetApp, are highlighted on a support page as having “certified disaster recovery, backup, and storage solutions that operate seamlessly with VMware Engine.”

Google is allowing clients to test it out right away. This is in order to see if consumers may potentially save money by adopting infrastructure-as-code to automate some of their present manual procedures.

Additionally, the business recently declared plans to add Microsoft 365 to its Chromebooks. Microsoft will soon offer installable apps. A more permanent alternative to the progressive web app versions of its office suite that users have been forced to use up until now.

A full rollout isn’t anticipated for another few months. But, beta testers and developers might have access to the tools much sooner.

Many people, including The Register, have been persuaded to assume that such “improbable coalitions” would start to happen more frequently. Companies may seek to lessen overlap and share technologies as a cost-cutting tool in a world of increasing economic strain, and this pair of Google announcements may only be the beginning of a new trend to grace the tech sector.


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