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What are some of the secrets of great businesses? The common goal of every entrepreneur in the different sectors is to buy and sell. But the goal of every intentional entrepreneur is to not only buy and sell but build a name either through their services or their products. Nobody in the world venture into entrepreneurship to make a loss, no, I repeat no one.

But the things some entrepreneurs engage in most times bring nothing but loss to them.

And when this continues for a long period of time they give up, “who wouldn’t give up when your tactics aren’t working?” Unknowingly to them that there are certain secrets that aid one business. Entrepreneurship has gone beyond buying and selling, more mediums are opening up, and more systems are being built to fast-track sales.

These secrets help in growing businesses not only in Nigeria but beyond. On a survey carried out, at least six entrepreneurs who use these secrets have nothing but great praise, why? That’s because their businesses are taking a new shape and ever-growing.

You might be wondering what are these secrets, and how can they help my business?

Be calm, don’t be in a hurry, and grab your pen and a note. Let us explore the secrets behind great businesses together.

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Secrets of great businesses

  1. Mission/Vision: A lot of entrepreneurs just want to go into the business sector without having any mission on the ground. Just because they saw someone thrive in something, they are ready to put their money there and get more money. No. It doesn’t work like that, there is more, every great or successful business has a mission. And their mission seems unique and peculiar to them. Let’s take, for example, the Coca-cola company, this company’s mission is to try their possible best to rival water. Their mission is to get every one of their products to every house in the world, just like water can be found in every area of the world. This is what keeps them going. This is what makes them strive for more, no matter the feats they have achieved. Their eyes are set on that mission and do you know what, it took them years, but they didn’t back down. They held on to their mission and from the look of things around, you can say that their mission of theirs is seventy percent complete.
  2. Products and services: Beyond just having a great mission or vision, you have to look at the quality of your service or products. Would “kings” come for your products and services? You have to produce a service or products that will be in demand forever, a service that you would spend most of your life supplying to demands. Make your products and services friendly and help humanity, make your products and services applying skills and excellence. No one would buy something that doesn’t suit them. Make your services or products appealing and appetizing to humanity and I bet you, you will never run out of demand.


We continue again next time….. 


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