League of Legends’ Source Code Has Been Stolen

In strangely alarming news, the popular game League of Legends’ source code has been stolen. The perpetrators of a recent attack on Riot Games have declared they will auction off the source code for several of the studio’s most well-known games.

The developer of League of Legends (LoL) is one of the most played MOBA games in the world. It recently acknowledged receiving a ransom note for the source code that had been stolen. But made it clear that it had no intention of paying the money.

According to reports, the thieves wanted $10 million in compensation for the stolen goods.


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League of Legends’ source code has been stolen: a valuable auction

The source code for League of Legends (LoL), Teamfight Tactics (TFT), and Packman—a heritage anti-cheat solution—were purportedly obtained by the attackers during the hack. It is said to have lasted 36 hours.

Riot maintained that other than that, no harm was done and user data was protected. But the event led them to postpone some of the planned game patch releases.

When the ransom demand was flatly rejected, the thieves turned to a “well-known hacking community.” Here, put the data up for sale.

Packman and the LoL source code are up for sale, with a minimum bid of $1 million. According to BleepingComputer, Packman is being sold for $500,000 alone.

A PDF file containing a directory listing 72.4GB of the stolen source code is attached to the forum advertisement. It was said that the file itself was about 1,000 pages large. Although the material was obtained by the media, it is still difficult to verify its validity.

Given the cost, it is reasonable to presume that the attackers value the source code.

According to earlier reports, the information might be used to develop game exploits that would give some players an advantage over their opponents. We’ll have to wait and see if that’s sufficient to justify a $1 million price tag. Additionally, according to BleepingComputer, it is possible to use the source code to develop malware that can remotely execute code on player endpoints.

The risk of new cheats arising can actually increase with any source code exposure, according to Riot. “Since the attack, we’ve been assessing its impact on anti-cheat and preparing to implement remedies as soon as feasible if necessary,” the statement continued.




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