How We Used Videocalls This Year

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It’s time to take a look at how we used videocalls this year. The findings of Zoom’s survey on how we all utilized the video conferencing service in 2022 have been made public.

The business discovered that Wednesday was the most popular day for team chats and webinars. While Tuesday was the most popular time to use Zoom for meetings. No one was surprised that Friday was the least active day of the week.

The busiest days of the year were October 18 for both Zoom Phone, the company’s VoIP service, and Rooms, its advanced conferencing platform, while January 19 was the busiest day for Zoom meetings.


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How we used videocalls this year: other offerings

The typical Zoom conference had seven participants and ran for 52 minutes, or just under an hour. Both numbers are marginally down from last year (ten participants and 54 minutes). In 2022, screen sharing was also used in slightly less than half of all meetings.

When compared to its other services, Rooms was once more utilized most frequently on Tuesdays, and usage has been rising since November 2021 by an average of 6.5% per month. Zoom theorizes that this is because Rooms were created with hybrid working arrangements in mind, which hastened the gradual return of some employees to the office.

With four million licenses sold as of 2022, Zoom Phone adoption grew by one million. Once more, Wednesday was the most frequently used day for phone calls.

This year’s 24th of February had the highest number of scheduled webinars, and, perhaps surprisingly, Sundays were 32% busier than Saturdays for these events.

Zoom Events experienced high activity from October 24 through 27, with the 26th of that month being the busiest.


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