How To Play Games On MS Teams Calls

Do you know how to play games on MS Teams calls? You read that right: using the Microsoft Teams interface, you can now play games at work. However, as Microsoft Teams Vice President Nicole Herskowitz says, it’s more than just a little fun.

Interaction through play is intended to address some of the biggest difficulties of the hybrid workplace. Such as “struggling to build trust, create relationships, and enhance team morale.” This is according to Herskowitz’s post on the Microsoft 365 Blog.

It may not be a common method of team building at the office, but research suggests that gaming may improve relationships between coworkers.


how to play games on MS Teams calls: games for teams as productivity aids

According to studies cited in the article, employees’ productivity increased by 20% after engaging in “conventional team-building activities.”

With the assistance of an Xbox division, the new Games for Work software was created. And it supports up to 250 players concurrently. The lack of advertisements in the games that will be offered is a little refreshing in today’s world.

Microsoft has been promoting four games since their release, each with an educational slant. IceBreakers, a version of “this or that,” offers two options to a question that is intended to promote dialogue. Whereas Minesweeper is intended to foster teamwork and problem-solving.

Wordament, Solitaire Collection, and survey tools Polly and Kahoot!, which the company refers to as “social apps,” are also a part of the new Games for Work package as part of Microsoft’s collaboration software.

Before considering a wider public launch, Games for Work is initially scheduled to roll out to Microsoft Teams Enterprise and Education users as a limited trial program.

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