How To Activate Your American Express Card

Do you know how to activate your American Express card? Your Card can be activated in one of the following ways:


How to activate your American Express card (new cards):

  1. App for American Express

– Get the American Express® App.
Enter your Card information.
– Make up a username and password.
– Activate your Card and set a PIN of your choice.

  1. Online Services for American Express

– Visit to sign up for online services.
– Activate your Card and set a PIN of your choice.
– To manage your Card Account, download the American Express App.

  1. American Express phone number

– Contact the hotline.
– Comply with the instructions to activate your Card and select a PIN.
– Sign up for American Express’ online services there. or using an App


To obtain new or renewed cards:

Your old PIN is still good for this Card unless you’ve asked for a new one. However, before the first usage, you must ACTIVATE your Card using one of the following procedures:

  1. Download the American Express® App. If you already have the Amex App, log in and choose the “Activate and Add Card to your Account” option under the “Account” menu.

  2. American Express Online Services – Visit to register for online services and activate your card.

  3. Call the American Express hotline and follow the instructions to activate your Card. Register for Online Services at or through the App.

Please choose a 4-digit PIN of your choosing if your card is a replacement and you requested a new PIN along with the replacement request. Then, ACTIVATE your card using the methods listed above before using it for the first time.

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