Opportunities Are Everywhere

Read that title again. Yes, it’s true, opportunities are everywhere. Tunde a pub admin student who just graduated from University was faced with the problem of getting a job for himself. He enrolled for N.Y.S.C, and saved up to two hundred thousand from the monthly allowance.

After the N.Y.S.C program, he continued job hunting. He was in search of job for two years, and things weren’t getting easy for him. After coming back from job hunt, he came across a financial book one of his friends forgot in his apartment.

He decided to go through it since he had nothing to do, as he read he could feel that there was something within the book that could change his life. He decided to get a pen and a jotter to write down some point.

Tunde decided to discard his dinner that night, he felt the book was the solution to his problem. He devoured the book as if it was the only means he would survive the next day. He came to a place where the author spoke about opportunities around you.

This part hit him hard, the author wrote and I quote, “look around you, there are opportunities that could turn you into a millionaire in the next five months, look for opportunities and invest in it wisely”.

Those words struck a chord in Tunde, he paused for a while, closed the book and shouted. He stood up and decided to do a study around his environment, what opportunities were present that he wasn’t seeing.

Tunde brainstormed for five hours and discovered some opportunities around him that he could make a living out of it.


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Opportunities are everywhere

Story cut short, Tunde is now a C.E.O, he owns a learning center and a unisex saloon. There are many different opportunities around you, study human needs and desires.

And look at how best you can be of help in solving human needs and desires in the community you find yourself. Every wealthy man and woman, you see today utilized opportunities that came their way.



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