Yiaga Africa: Election Results Were Manipulated

Only 5 Vote In Abuja Polling Unit

Yiaga Africa: Election results were manipulated in Imo & Rivers. Yiaga Africa, a civil rights organization has come out to say that for the general elections conducted on February 25, the results for Imo and Rivers were tampered with.

The organization released a statement on Wednesday airing their observation.

The statement said, “The state-level presidential results for Imo and Rivers are inconsistent with the Yiaga Africa WTV projections for both states. For Rivers, INEC announced 231,591 votes for APC or 44.2 percent; 175,071 for LP or 33.4 percent; and 88,468 for PDP or 16.9 percent.

“This is in sharp contrast to the Yiaga Africa WTV estimates for Rivers. These are: APC 21.7 percent ±5.0 percent; for LP 50.8 percent ±10.6 percent.  And PDP 22.2 percent ±6.5 percent.”

For Imo, INEC announced 66,406 for APC or 14.2 percent. 360,495 for LP or 77.1 percent; and 30,234. for PDP or 6.5 percent. Again, this is at variance with the Yiaga Africa WTV estimates for Imo. These are: APC 5.1 ±2.3 percent; LP 88.1 percent ±3.8 percent. And PDP 5.7 percent ±2.3 percent.”

The organization said that based on reports from 97 percent of its sampled polling units, the All Progressives Congress had higher votes.

The report concluded by recommending that INEC should clarify the inconsistencies in some of the results. Especially from Rivers and Imo states. Extend voting hours to 5:00pm in subsequent elections. As well as sustain the uploads of polling unit results from EC 8A on its INEC Result Viewing portal.



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