Opposition To Violence In Society

Increased Tension As Huge Russian Convoy Nears Kyiv
Increased Tension As Huge Russian Convoy Nears Kyiv

To talk about the opposition to violence in society, we have to first talk about what violence is. Violence is when someone or something is harmed, damaged, or destroyed by physical force. It is also possible to define it as the deliberate application of force or power against oneself or a group of people, which can lead to harm or even death. Globally, violence has claimed many lives throughout the years and has had a terrible impact on our society. Interpersonal violence has resulted in numerous fatalities; it may involve the use of weapons or an assault with a sharp item. Violence comes in three different forms.




The Opposition to violence in society: types Of Violence

  1. Self-directed violence refers to acts of violence that are motivated by oneself. It is a self-perpetuated, purposeful action. Suicidal actions, suicidal thoughts, and self-abuse are all examples of this type of violence. You can commit suicide by hanging yourself or consuming something deadly.

  2. Interpersonal violence: This type of violence, which can happen in the household, is always by close relatives or romantic partners. The abuse might be toward children, intimate partners, or senior citizens. “Family violence” is the name of this type of violence. When interpersonal violence happens, the psychological repercussions can have a long-lasting impact on the parents, kids, and their relationship.

2b. Community violence: This is a conflict between unrelated and related people that can happen outside the house but only in public places like the community or society. This type of violence encompasses strangers raping or sexually assaulting a victim, as well as acts of violence committed in institutional contexts including workplaces, nursing homes, jails, and schools.

  1. Collective violence: This refers to violence by states or sizable groups of people. This specific form of violence is motivated by an agenda that includes terrorism, mob violence, and crimes of hatred committed by organized groups.

3b. Political violence is an example of collective violence, which also encompasses acts committed by armed groups, states, and war. In such circumstances, they might have a role in determining violence toward people.


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