Zoom vs Microsoft Teams

Which do you use more; Zoom vs Microsoft Teams? Despite the spectacular growth in popularity of Microsoft Teams over the past few years, fresh data indicates Zoom is still the market leader in video conferencing.

The Zoom download page constantly receives more online traffic than the comparable page for Microsoft Teams, according to data provided to TechRadar Pro by the digital intelligence platform SimilarWeb.

The Zoom page has had an average of almost 730,000 additional monthly visitors during the past year. Zoom, on the other hand, has drawn over 140 million more web users than its competitor since the pandemic began.


Zoom vs Microsoft Teams

The transition to remote working at the beginning of the epidemic caused the market for video conferencing and collaboration software to soar, sparking a competition between suppliers for the biggest slice of the fast-growing pie.

Microsoft was clearly in the driver’s seat in the majority of cases. Although Zoom may have benefited from better brand recognition, many companies already have Microsoft 365 subscriptions (which include access to Teams), so the former had to offer enough value to justify the additional cost.

Zoom has evidently had little issue gaining customers despite early epidemic worries about the amount of security offered by the company, for which it was derided online. Zoom’s revenue has nearly quadrupled since the beginning of fiscal 2020 and is now at about $4 billion annually.

Zoom announced a change in strategy earlier this summer. The company will now concentrate on creating a more complete collaboration solution that ties together all the features employees need to interact. Zoom One, its most recent product, integrates choices for ongoing chat, phone calls, meetings, and whiteboard functions into one package.

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