African Star Parade Is Here!

Do you have a talent you’ve been dying to show the world? Something only you can do better than everyone else but you have not had a chance to show it? Well, don’t worry anymore because the right platform is here.

Spark Plug Concept brings you a platform through which you can get your moment in the spotlight and show the world just what you are made of. African Star Parade, coming soon, brings the biggest talent hunt you have ever seen to your doorstep. The stage is set for singers, dancers, songwriters, comedians, and thespians of all kinds. Now, the choice is yours. Will you grasp the opportunity of a lifetime with open arms or let this pass you by?

Keep a keen eye out for registration, opening soon and swiftly. For inquiries or sponsorship information, visit, send an email to, or call 09162176096/09041497389.

The time has come; your time. Embrace your moment, the world awaits your manifestation!

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