Personalise Your Twitter Profile and Privacy Settings

To edit your Twitter profile

  1. Go to your profile page. If you use the Twitter mobile app, select the Me button. If you use it on a desktop web browser, select the Profile icon near the upper-right corner. Pick View profile.
    navigating to the profile page
  2. Find and select Edit Profile.
    selecting the Edit profile option
  3. Your profile settings will show up. Here, you can upload a new profile picture and header image. You can also add details to your Bio section, and more.
  4. When you’re done, click Save to save your changes.
    saving your changes


To adjust your privacy settings

By default, things you share on Twitter are public. This means anyone can see your tweets, even if they don’t follow you. However, if you want to control who can see what you tweet, there’s an easy option.

  1. Go to your profile page. If you’re using it on the mobile app, find and select the Gear icon. If you’re using a desktop browser, click the Profile icon near the upper-right corner, then choose Settings.
    selecting the gear icon
  2. If you use it on a mobile device, you’ll need to confirm which account you want to change.

    selecting an account

  3. The settings will show up. From here, find and enable the option to Protect my Tweets. This allows you to approve who can see your tweets.
    enabling the Protext my Tweets option
  4. Click Done or Save to save the changes.
    saving your changes

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