Can You Really Workout At Home?

Can you really workout at home? Whether it’s due to a limited budget or the COVID-19 pandemic forcing you to adapt to doing all of your tasks without leaving the house, exercising at home without equipment is one of the most difficult challenges for fit people.

However, one of the great unknowns in this regard is if it is feasible to lose weight only by exercising at home, whether this is a myth or a fact.


The key to workout at home is to burn calories.

Dr. Charlie Setlzer, MD, a Philadelphia-based weight-loss specialist, argues that decreasing your caloric intake is crucial when it comes to losing weight without equipment.

Dr. Seltzer told, “Walking a mile may burn 100 calories, but that’s just a small handful of cashews.”

Strength training, whether it’s bodyweight exercises or equipment-free activities, is also vital if you want to reduce weight.

Dr. Seltzer explained that the more muscle you have, the greater your resting metabolic rate will be.


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Workouts that combine cardio and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) produce positive outcomes.

Each exercise interval should be performed at least 80-95 percent of your predicted maximal heart rate to be successful. Intense cardio HIIT exercises can last anywhere from five seconds to eight minutes.

Recovery intervals can be as long or as short as the exercise periods, and you can even exercise lightly during these rest times, at 40-50 percent of your maximum heart rate.


Push-up workouts that you can do at home

Workout at home without equipment.
Workout at home without equipment.

The push-up is another bodyweight strength test that produces excellent results. The normal man should be able to do roughly 20 push-ups, but if you’ve never done strength training before, you should start slowly and gradually to get the best results.

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