Try The White Russian Cocktail

Need a drink? Try the White Russian cocktail. The White Russian is a simple-to-make drink with a sophisticated appearance. It’s not from Russia, either. The White Russian was created in the 1960s when a dollop of cream was added to a Black Russian.

The Black Russian is a two-part drink created by bartender Gustave Tops in the late 1940s. At the Hotel Metropole in Brussels, Tops gave birth to the Black Russian. After appearing in the 1998 film “The Big Lebowski,” the White Russian shattered its outdated reputation.

Jeff Bridge’s persona, the Dude, introduced The White Russian to the cocktail elite. It became a popular beverage associated with success.

Carrie Bradshaw and the Cosmo had a similar experience.

Before you make your White Russian, remember this piece of advice from our bartender friends:

Choose a good heavy cream and a great vodka (Russian if you want to stay on theme). In a pinch, half-and-half will suffice, but milk will result in a thin drink. Keep in mind that you’re going for decadence.


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What goes into making a White Russian cocktail?

two ounces of vodka

1 oz. Kahlua

1 heavy cream squirt

White Russian
White Russian


  1. Put ice in a glass.

  2. Combine Kahla coffee liqueur and Absolut Vodka in a mixing glass.

  3. Apply a layer of your preferred cream to the top.

-Add the heavy cream and stir to combine. Now you too can kick back, relax, and try the White Russian cocktail.

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