Essential clothing is clothing every woman must have in her wardrobe, these clothing never go out of style.

Essential clothing’s for women


They are a must have, most people feel blazers are only for office wear, a blazer can be worn when going for lunch with the girls.


essential women clothing
Blazers give a sophisticated look, they can be paired with any type of clothing.

White tee:

a white tee can give different look depending on how you wear it.

You can pair a tee with a skirt, a tee with a blazers and pants, a tee with a bum short, a tee with a trouser.

A white tee is an essential clothing every woman should have.

Sophisticated blouse:

looking for that clothes that will bring out your softness and femineity, then a sophisticated blouse is all you need.

It can be paired with pants, straight skirts or pencil skirt.

Trench coat:

trench coat is a wardrobe essential that can add charisma to any outfit and keep you warm during cold.

essential women clothing

Black pants:

this is a must have, you can pair with anything and any color

It can be paired with a crop top, a sophisticated blouse, a white tee, a blazer etc

Skinny jean:

this is a versatile clothing, you should own darker colors that can take you from day to night without washing.

They mustn’t be skinny or tight fitted, ensure you own a jeans.

Denim jacket:

this can be worn over anything, a T shirt, a pant, a gown etc.

essential women clothing


most women don’t like bag but bags add beauty to your dressing,

You can’t be dressed like a princess and holding money, phone, keys, lip-gloss, handkerchief or mask in your hands

It looks tacky, add style to your dressing, these handbags mustn’t be big, a little handbag to put your things is ok.

High heel shoes:

high heel shoes are not you every day wear.

A lot of women aren’t comfortable in heels, but it gives this feminine look because there are dresses you wear, and a 2-inch heel will compliment it better than a flat slipper.


boots are footwear you will love because they can be paired with anything, skirt trouser, or gown, boot fits well.

When looking for comfortable footwear, go for boots.

esential women clothing

A dress:

you should pick a color and style that makes you feel confident.
You can pick a black or a light color.

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