Honeymoon destinations are places newly married couples go to have fun and rest after their wedding.

The word honeymoon originated from the old English hony moone, hony refers to the new marriage sweetness while moone refers to how long the sweetness will last

Importance of honeymoon

Intimacy: the number one reason why people go on honeymoon is to be intimate.

For couples who were celibate during dating, it’s their first night of intimacy, and observing it in a beautiful place is a beautiful idea.

To relax: planning a wedding is quite stressful, after the wedding, couples need a getaway from all family fun fare.

honeymoon is the perfect getaway for couples to rest and relax during the wedding.

To adjust: adjusting to a new lifestyle can be quite difficult for newly married couples.

Honeymoon can help ease the tension of adjustment.

Adjustment includes being naked comfortably around your partner, letting your partner share your space, having someone use your things.

Honeymoon destinations

Honeymoon should be done in beautiful places so as to create beautiful memories.

Plan your honeymoon according to your financial capacity.

Here are a few places you can go for honeymoon.


It is located in the Indian ocean, it’s a quintessential honeymoon destination

Maldives is surrounded by islands

The good thing is that each resort is surrounded by its own hotel, this gives enough privacy.

Things to do in Maldives includes snorkeling, scuba diving, stay in an overwater villa at Hilton Maldives, try local cuisine, sunrise yoga on the beach, kayak in a clear glass boat, dolphin watching from a sunset cruise, visit a private sandbank via boat.



places you can enjoy your honeymoon include Dubai miracle garden, this garden is located at Al Barsha South 3 Dubai

The Dubai miracle garden has species of colorful flowers stretched out as far as the eyes can see, pyramids and houses made entirely from flowers are found here

honeymoon destinations

Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo, the. 10-liter million tank is the largest suspended aquarium in the world, and it houses marine and freshwater habitat,

It’s located at financial center road Dubai, you can walk through the aquarium tunnel, explore the underwater zoo and take a glass bottom boat ride.

honeymoon destinations


Seychelles is slowly emerging as the best honeymoon destination.

It’s white sand, pristine turquoise water and ultra luxurious resort and hotels makes a good combination for a good honeymoon.

Places to see at Seychelles include Eden Island, this is a beautiful artificial garden that has exuberating views the island has big shopping malls, lofty mansions and luxury villas, you can go for sightseeing.


Victoria market: what is a honeymoon without shopping.

At Victoria market, you can try creol cuisine, shop for indigenous vegetables and fruits.


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