Gangs of Lagos is a movie directed by Jade Osiberu, produced by Kemi Lala Akindoju and co-produced by Akin Omotoso, featuring the likes of Tobi Bakare as Obalola, Chike as Ify, Adesuwa Etomi- Wellington as Gift, Olarotimi Fakunle as Kazeem, Tayo Faniran as Nino, Bimbo Ademoye as Teni, Chioma Chukwuka as mama Ify, Iyabo Ojo as mama Oba, Maleek Sanni as young Oba and other stars.

Gangs of Lagos is a crime and thriller movie, it tells a story about loyalty, betrayal, street life, hurt and politics.

This movie was shot in Isale Eko, Lagos, one of the darkest corners of Lagos, it tells a story about three friends who had to navigate their destiny. Their growing up and how they have to be there for each other.

The movie started with Oba threatening a woman to hand him her bag in the congested Lagos traffic, the woman who thought he was just a child and didn’t bulge until she saw Ify threaten to slit the throat of her child.

She reported to the Oba who ordered the boy to release the bag, but he refused stating that she had gone to report at the police station.

It was there Nino picked interest in Oba, he said he was an intelligent child because he figured out that it takes more time to head to the police station.

Gangs of Lagos showed what the older generation described as parental care, which was really child abuse, it tells us that most parents do things with the intentions of helping their child not knowing they are hurting their child, this was shown when Oba’s mother took him for deliverance, and he was flogged with broomsticks which left him with injuries and made him resent his mother.

We could see grief when mama Ify who was a widow lost her only child Ify and also when Oba and Nino wife found out he was dead.

This movie tells us that most times, life don’t go the way we plan it.

Oba and Teni had talked about what they did love to become in future but on the long run, only Teni dream became a reality while Oba was asked to be her driver and bodyguard.

Gangs of Lagos was released on the 7th of April 2023 and can only be streamed on Prime Video and will be aired in over 240 countries all over the world.

A lot of people are dropping their opinions, most people feel the movie has same storyline with some movies released in the past, some feel the movie is great as it tells a lot about politics and how the poor masses get to suffer.

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  1. Life in the street calls for tactical leadership. In as much as I discourage Kazeem’s kind of avaricious lifestyle, I yet give him kudos for outsmarting every other persons in the street during his time. He could make the strongest Eleniyan, you know?
    I feel he didn’t want to kill Obalola in as much as he didn’t like him standing on his way. This is because he had every chance to kill him during their last fight but he spared his life in two different times. Not until he is certain that Obalola really wanted to kill him. Set to pull the trigger, he’s shot by ‘Adesua.’

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