Nigerian dishes are dishes prepared with spices, herbs, palm oil, and groundnut oil to create deeply flavored soups and sauces.

It’s another festive season, so you should try other food,

Jollof rice isn’t the only delicacy you can eat during the festival period.

Nigerian dishes you can cook include


Amala and ewedu soup:

amala and ewedu

the common ingredient used in preparing ewedu soup is jute leaves,

A good quantity of these leaves is matched with a short broom called ijabe,

It’s then cooked with other ingredients such as crayfish, salt, and locust beans,

remember not to overcook and don’t add too much water, else it won’t be slimy.

Amala is gotten by sun drying the back of your yam or plantain, which gives it the brown color, after sun drying, you grind them into powder form.

To prepare your Amala, put a little quantity of water on the fire, allow it to boil then add your yam flour and stir until they stick together, your Amala is ready, prepare your stew, your sumptuous Amala and ewedu is ready.

Banga and starch:

banga and starch

banga and starch is common to the people of Delta,

Ingredients needed to prepare this food include palm fruit, banga stick, meat, dried fish, salt, ataiko, irugege, prawn etc.

Wash your palm fruit and boil for 20 minutes, pound with pestle and mortar, add little water and extract the juice.

Boil your meat and fish, use a sieve and extract the water into your meat and allow it to boil.

Add other ingredients like your prawn, dried beletientien leaf and salt, stir and cover,

Allow to cook for few minutes then bring it down.

Starch(Usi) is gotten from the starch residue gotten from cassava when processing Garri.

Place the starch in a pan, add water to melt the starch until it become a liquid,

Add palm oil to your mixture and stir, ensure there are no lumps, continue to stir until it’s properly cooked then

Your banga and starch is ready.

Fufu and egusi soup:

nigerian dishes

fufu is common to the Igbos.

It is gotten from cassava, you get cassava, peel the back and soak it in enough water for days for it to ferment,

After a few days, sieve until it turns into a puree, allow it to drain water then cook,

Pound until it becomes soft then mold using nylon.

Ingredients needed for your egusi soup include egusi, meat, fish, palm oil and vegetable which can be bitter leaf or fluted pumpkin (ugu).

Get your desired quantity of egusi and grind into powder form, wash your meat and fish and boil them.

your egusi soup can be prepared in two ways.

You can either heat the pan first before putting your palm oil, add your egusi and stir, add your stock and other ingredients, and allow it to boil for some minutes before adding your already sliced ugu or washed bitter leaf, stir and turn off the heat.

Or you can dissolve your egusi in cold water, add it to your stock and stir, add palm oil and other ingredients to taste, add your vegetable, stir and turn off the heat.


Nigerian dishes should be prepared more often during festive periods.

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