How To Get Good Cheap Running Shoes

Ever wondered how to get good cheap running shoes? Running is popularly believed to be a cheap form of exercise. All you need are some relaxed clothing, a clear road, and possibly some headphones… a set of running shoes, too.

The real kicker is that many of the top trail and road running shoes are excessively pricey, frequently costing $200 or more. It goes without saying that you must wear decent running shoes. They not only enable you to move more quickly while enhancing your form and reducing your energy expenditure. They also enhance the comfort of the running motion. Running shoes are also made to be stable and cushion your feet when you land. They are for protecting your joints from repeated trauma.

Running shoes get worn out after a lot of miles, even if you did spend a lot of money on a wonderful pair a year or 18 months ago. While other, more robust pairs can last 400 miles or more, some more minimalist running shoes start to wear thin after 200 miles. Running shoes aren’t meant to last a lifetime, unlike dogs.

The rising cost of living can make us reluctant to invest $200 or more in a top-notch pair of running shoes. Fortunately, you can purchase a perfectly decent running shoe on the cheap. Unless, of course, you’re a super top athlete searching for every advantage you can get.


How to get good cheap running shoes: know what you want from your shoe

You should first consider what features you value most in a running shoe. Are you buying your first pair of real running shoes as a beginner? If so, you should think about whether you’ll be jogging on paved or unpaved surfaces. Do you like a shoe that is thinner, lighter, and less bulky. Or do you like a shoe that is thick, hefty, and cushioned yet lasts a long time?

Going to a running shoe store to try on a few pairs is an excellent idea. You won’t need any unique features to assist you to run long distances or to increase race performance just yet. So once you discover a style you’re comfortable in, you should be able to find something for under $100 to meet your needs quite simply.



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Look for older models without hesitation

It’s a wonderful idea to start with the most popular shoes right now and work your way backward if you’re not too concerned with having cutting-edge running technology. A one- or two-year-old pair of running shoes will still provide you with many of the same advantages as the most recent model because the majority of running shoe lines undergo minor revisions each year, such as updated upper designs or slight adjustments to the heel width.


But be sure to purchase brand-new

However, avoid purchasing secondhand running shoes at all costs. Running shoes, as previously established, have a shelf life, with some of them becoming ineffective after 200 kilometers or so. The more you wear those running shoes, the less beneficial they are to you. Like other second-hand shoes or clothing, you might be able to find used running shoes for relatively little money, but unless they’ve never been worn, they probably won’t last you very long. To get the most value for your money, it is far preferable to purchase new.

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