How To Inject Flavor Into Your Everyday Discord Text Chat

Want to know how to inject some flavor into your everyday Discord text chat? You’ve come to the right place! Discord uses Markdown, a simple plain text formatting technique that will help you stand out with your phrases. This is how you do it! To alter your wording, simply add a few characters before and after your preferred content! Let me give you some instances…

Italics*italics* or _italics_Underline italics__*underline italics*__
Bold**bold**Underline bold__**underline bold**__
Bold Italics***bold italics***underline bold italics__***underline bold italics***__
Underline__underline__Strikethrough ~~Strikethrough~~

If you don’t want to use markdown, there are other options. Simply type your message into a code block and you’re done!


1) Discord also allows you to use code blocks. By enclosing your content in backticks (‘), you can create your own code blocks.

formatting image

2) You can also make multiline code blocks with three backticks (“‘), as shown in this lovely haiku.



Block Quotes are now supported in Markdown!

or >>> followed by a space is the syntax for using Block Quotes.

Create a single-line block quotation at the start of a line of text.

formatting image
formatting image

Create a multi-line block quotation at the start of a line of text. The quote will include all text from >>> until the conclusion of the message.

formatting image
formatting image

And now you know what I’m talking about! You’ve mastered Discord text markdown and know how to inject flavor into your everyday Discord text chat. Get out there and highlight your statements!

PS: Spoilers, too, are a type of Markdown formatting. When you use the || syntax around your text, it will be marked as a spoiler. A code block negates this as well. You can learn more about Spoiler Tags here! Find other helpful articles on the Discord web and mobile app here

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