Practical Saving Tips

Practical saving tips for you to consider this spring. Saving money might seem impossible. It’s like something always comes up and saving has to take the back seat. This is a familiar situation.

There’s actually no perfect time for saving money. If you keep waiting, you might never get to it.

There are actually plenty of ways to save money and have fun while doing it.

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  1. Settle your debts. You’ll never be able to save if you have debts hanging over you from different angles. Pay them off from the smallest to the biggest. Only then can you make progress in saving?

  2. Save money automatically. Set up a means by which you can save money without even thinking about it. At the end of the month, a particular amount goes into that account automatically from your paycheck.

  3. Learn to eat at home. Cooking at home saves you a lot of money. You could even pack some of it when going out. The money used for eating could be used for groceries that can last for a long time.

  4. Have a monthly budget. Write down your income. Also note down how much you intend to spend on groceries, entertainment, TV, and phone calls. You also need to include savings in your budget. This will help you monitor your money.

  5. Watch your cell phone bill. Get the best plan for your data and call subscription.

  6. Reduce energy costs. Help reduce your electricity bills by turning off appliances that are not in use.

  7. Have a savings and retirement plan.

  8. Learn to say “no.” If your friends are going shopping or on vacation and you can’t afford it, back out. You don’t have to try to please them to your own detriment.

  9. Set saving goals. Think about what that money can do for you a while from now. This will give you the motivation to reach that goal.


Think about your future, cultivate healthy money habits, and make saving a priority. It doesn’t matter how much you are making. What matters is how much you spend and save.

Know that the hardest thing about saving is getting started. START NOW.


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