Bad Websites Are Costing Your Business

You heard that right, bad websites are costing your business. A sleek website is crucial, especially when it comes to cross-device user experience. At least that’s true according to recent research.

According to a survey conducted by the digital experience analytics company Contentsquare, companies with websites that are poorly designed, sluggish to load, or ineffective risk losing clients just when it counts — at the point of conversion.

On the other hand, effective product detail pages, category pages, and checkout pages all result in increased conversions. As well as sustained consumer contact, and lower bounce rates.


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Bad websites are costing your business

According to the data, 36% of visitors said they frequently experienced annoying encounters on most websites due to delayed page loads. Many people were forced to “rage-click,” or repeatedly click the same spot, in an attempt to receive a response.

High-activity sites, which probably have superior pages, saw a 20% drop in bounce rate. Plus a 47% rise in session length, and a 19% increase in conversions.

Contentsquare also emphasized the significance of a successful page. Consumers look at 20 content pages before converting, with session depth and time spent on each session declining year over year. This emphasizes the necessity for websites that are simply designed and simple to understand.

“You should focus on optimizing digital content and establishing smooth client journeys to boost growth and retention,” stated company CEO Jonathan Cherki.

Three essential areas for improvement for web designers are grabbing attention, lowering friction, and making sure the material is relevant. Action steps can involve combining cross-device browsing sessions, emphasizing high-performing pages, and making adjustments to them to increase conversions.

Although consumers frequently use mobile devices for browsing, most still prefer to finish their online purchases on a PC. Fusing the experience is essential in assisting in the prevention of abandoned carts.


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