The Magic Pillow

Allow me to introduce the magic pillow, dear readers. The majority of the unintentionally funny pictures of models trying to seem formidable while donning big, spherical hat-pillow hybrids were how I first learned about Ostrichpillow. From ergonomic eye masks to memory-foam pillows, Ostrichpillow’s wide selection of sleep accessories will gently lull you into snoozeville. But one item from the lineup, the Ostrichpillow Light, really caught my attention. The Ostrichpillow Light, which was created as a smaller, more portable version of the original cocoon-shaped one, seems ideal for obstructing light and muzzling noise around me without adding any bulk. I was astounded by how soft and lightweight it was when it finally arrived. I felt as though I had entered a cloud after sliding it on and adjusting the tightness with the drawstring.


The Magic Pillow

I immediately fell asleep after putting it on. One poetic critic says, “The pillow offers a personal comfort zone when resting in away from home areas.” The Ostrichpillow Light has established a reputation as a travel MVP. This is in addition to its advantages in light and sound blocking. For someone like myself who isn’t a fan of those curved neck pillows, this is fantastic news. One Amazon customer says, “I’ve had the ostrich pillow for a few years and enjoyed the sensation of it, but honestly never really could find much of a purpose for it, or conjure up the guts to wear it on a plane.”

Also, it was a bit difficult to pack. The OstrichPillow Light excels in this area because it can be worn around the neck to support and cushion the area in addition to serving as a padded eye mask. And it’s not at all cumbersome or difficult to wear, as other reviews have noted. The Ostrichpillow Light is just as described; I can’t tolerate wearing anything heavy around my neck, not even hefty jewelry.

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