Adobe Acrobat On Edge

So finally we get news from Microsoft about its PDF reader and it’s true: we’re getting Adobe Acrobat on Edge. With the impending integration of Adobe Acrobat technology within Microsoft Edge, the cozy relationship between Adobe and Microsoft continues.

The browser may already be used as a free PDF reader, although one with constrained features. The tool will soon be powered by Acrobat’s PDF rendering engine, which should improve performance.

The alliance claims to deliver considerable upgrades to the Windows PDF reader – with no additional cost for existing capabilities. This is a strong demonstration of dedication to web-based collaboration.


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What to expect from an Adobe Acrobat on Edge

Microsoft and Adobe stated in a joint news release that the use of Edge and Acrobat will allow for “richer rendering” of visuals and color accuracy. Additionally anticipated are improved accessibility and security features like text selection and read-aloud narration.

Tools for more sophisticated PDF editors are still only accessible with an Adobe Document Cloud membership. However, thanks to the Adobe-Microsoft partnership, users can still manage all document-related tasks using the browser and the Acrobat extension.

Senior vice president of Adobe, Ashley Still, released the following statement:

“PDF is crucial for contemporary companies, enhancing efficiency in a setting where automation and teamwork are more important than ever. With the addition of the industry-recognized PDF experience to Microsoft Edge and the more than a billion Windows users worldwide, Adobe and Microsoft are using their combined productivity heritage and expertise to make a significant advancement toward the realization of a modern, secure, and connected way of working and living.

Jared Spataro, corporate vice president for Modern Work & Business Applications at Microsoft, continued, “Users will have fast and safe access to important digital document capabilities with Adobe’s PDF technology in Microsoft Edge.”

The distribution will begin with an opt-in option for managed devices and be phased in over time. But what about the current PDF reader from Microsoft? Support for that is scheduled to stop in March 2024.


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