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Apple adds Apple app benchmarks from peer groups. Developers building apps for Apple’s App Stores now have a new tool. It lets them assess the metrics of their own apps against those of their competitors.

App Analytics, a platform for developers to manage their apps across all of Apple’s platforms, including iOS and macOS, has added a new dashboard for peer group benchmarks.

It’s included with having a developer account with Apple. But it’s not quite as powerful as specific peer benchmarking tools. So it might not be enough to displace those right immediately.



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Apple app benchmarks from peer groups

Peer group benchmarks “offer significant new insights across the user journey, allowing you to better understand what works well for your app and identify areas for development,” according to an update uploaded to the Apple Developer website.

Apple claims that it takes into account download volume, business strategies, and categories. This is in order to present the most relevant competitors.

Additionally, it guarantees to uphold a certain level of privacy using “industry-leading differential privacy approaches.” This is so that the functionality of competing apps is kept a secret.

Developers may use the new information to improve things like conversion rates, profits, crash rates, and user retention. Because it is a part of the larger App Store Connect environment.

The developer platform can also be used to test various aspects of a product page, get feedback on beta versions, and provide in-app events.

The company behind the iPhone is eager to provide developers with helpful goods on a regular basis. But things haven’t always gone well for Apple. It has spent many years in and out of the limelight due to contentious app tracking that involved the sharing of some consumers’ data despite their requests for it not to.


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