GWC Tech Hub Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary

The GWC Tech Hub celebrates its 5th anniversary this Saturday the 23rd of July 2022. The incubation and innovation tech company that has navigated its way through the Nigerian digital market is slowly growing. Saturday, however, marks its 5th year running as a pioneer in the growing niche of Nigeria’s tech industry.

The event will also be commemorated with celebrations. It is scheduled to take place at the Universal Hotel’s Hall C in Enugu. There will likely be more than a few illustrious names and head-turners of the West African tech niche in attendance. Members of the GWC Tech Hub’s staff and administration will see to it that the joyous occasion is one to remember. And as the GWC Tech Hub celebrates its 5th anniversary, there is also the hope that it might be a day that changes the lives of a few in attendance.


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A few interesting speeches are in the works. Most notable of these will be the talk on strategies for “scaling your business through digital marketing” by Obinna Enoch. Obinna is a leadership and business development strategist. The Hub will hope to impart some lasting knowledge and impressions on its guests through him on the day of.

Try not to miss it!


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